Toxic Leadership – Executive Briefing


Identifying and addressing dysfunctional workplace behaviour

Toxic Leadership – Executive Briefing

These disconcerting statistics underpin a subject that, at best, is uncomfortably tolerated and, at worst, culturally reinforced. In this workshop we explore toxic leadership and corporate psychopathy – their roots, prevalence and the conditions in which they thrive.

By applying case studies and lived experiences, we explore the most effective management strategies, corrective measures and organisational interventions for managing workplace toxicity.

Executive Briefing Outline

1. Scouting for Toxicity

  • The spectrum of corporate psychopathy
  • Why and how toxic leaders are on the rise
  • Red flags and warning bells

2. The Toxic Triangle

  • The breeding ground for toxicity
  • Leaders and followers abound
  • The organisational culture at work

3. Toxic Case Studies

  • Toxic personas
  • Toxic workers and talent management
  • The cost of workplace toxicity

4. Managing Toxicity

  • Corrective actions for toxic leaders
  • Coping strategies for followers
  • Educating the organisation

This Executive Briefing aims to give participants a clear understanding of how to identify current and potential toxic people and situations, together with practical tools for proactively addressing these challenges.


2 hour Executive Briefing delivered in-house at your organisation.

Designed for business leaders and senior HR practitioners.

Cost: $2,450.00 + GST for a group of up to 12.

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