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Leadership Coaching

Smash your Leadership Personal Best (L-PB) with performance diagnostics and targeted brain-based leadership coaching to tap your optimal performance zone.

Consulting       Services

Engage consulting expertise and services to support your business and HR transformation initiatives.

Facilitation & Workshops

Harness the talents of your leaders and teams with custom designed team building workshops, leadership forums and facilitated events.

Keynotes & Presentations

Inject the neuroscience of performance, change leadership or learning into your conference, convention or in-house program.

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The Mindful Leader Program

Mindfulness means maintaining full attention to your experience in the present moment, in an open and non-judgmental way. In short, Mindfulness is attention in the here and now.

Thought Leadership

NeuroScience for BusinessPeople

What we now know about brain functioning is a game-changer for how leaders lead and teams and organisations perform.

Toxic leadership

Toxic leaders breed dysfunctional cultures, stifle innovation, paralyse high performance and cripple employee engagement.

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