Leadership Coaching

Leadership Personal Best (L-PB) is achieved through performance excellence.
Performance excellence is achieved through flow.

In flow we can:

  • optimise personal and team performance
  • unleash latent potential
  • innovate and inspire

We apply insightful diagnostics and one-to-one coaching, separately or in combination, to support you reaching your L-PB through flow.


We apply and interpret globally validated scientific diagnostic tools assisting you to:

  • understand your leadership strengths and de-railers
  • identify your key opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • map team diversity and optimise productivity and collaboration

As certified practitioners, we advise on the tool most appropriate for your purpose. Choose from:

Hogan Assessments

  • leadership strengths and de-railers
  • motivation, values and preferences
  • team evaluations
  • selection and development validity
  • 360 degree evaluations

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)

  • individual whole brain thinking preferences
  • individual and team profiling
  • development and coaching

Accelerate individual and team performance with valid and insightful information. Our approach is action-and-outcome-oriented to ensure immediate and lasting results.

Learn how to get into flow to achieve your leadership personal best (L-PB).



Leadership coaching accelerates leadership performance.  Our approach is:

  • personal: one-to-one and strictly confidential
  • focused: on your personal and professional goals
  • solution-oriented: targeting short and long term results
  • flexible: 3 or 6 month programs, delivered face-to-face, via teleconference or video conference

Our coaching offering optionally includes the Hogan Leadership Forecast, an internationally validated and benchmarked instrument identifying:

  • leadership strengths and de-railers
  • motivation, values and preferences

Hogan 360 degree feedback instruments are also available.

Leadership coaching services are offered by Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith.

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