The Mindful Leader integrates neuroscience with mindfulness practice – empowering leaders to improve their personal wellbeing and enhance their leadership impact on others.


Mindfulness means maintaining full attention to your experience in the present moment, in an open and non-judgmental way.

In short, Mindfulness is attention in the here and now.
It’s simple – but it’s hard. Our brains are unrelentingly busy – planning the future and ruminating on the past.
Yet the present is the only place we ever really are.

The Mindful Leader program recognises the challenges of self management and team leadership in our complex world. We provide the opportunity to learn and practice Mindfulness in ways that are readily integrated into normal daily life.

The Mindful Leader program enables leaders to:

  • Develop the mental muscle of mindful attention
  • Apply self care practices for improved personal wellbeing
  • Increase awareness and understanding of others’ perspectives
  • Apply mindful practices to teams and leadership challenges
  • Achieve improved personal effectiveness, team engagement and business outcomes.

The Mindful leader program is intended for:

  • Business leaders and managers
  • Professionals and business owners
  • Individuals pursuing self development

Five core principles characterise Mindfulness practice


The Mindful Leader runs for 2 hours per week for 8 consecutive weeks.

Participants receive all program materials in digital format and access to online learning.

Sessions are conducted live via ZOOM. Participants are required to attend all 8 sessions to attain completion.

Cost per Participant is

$995.00 + GST


To begin with, I loved the science.

The biological foundations of neuroscience mean that (a) it explains a lot about why and how we think and feel, and (b) it’s not really up for debate. What we know now about the brain puts the power to change in our hands.

And then I discovered the practice.

Applying neuroscience through leadership coaching and facilitation opened the door to the mind-body relationship and the need to train and develop our mental abilities no less than we do our physical ones.

Let me guide you on your journey.


Your Mindful Coach
Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith

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