NeuroScience for BusinessPeople

“There is a disconnect between what Science knows and what Business does.”

– Dan Pink, Author


In the 25 years since the first functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scan was invented, the field of neuroscience has experienced explosive growth.

As has our understanding of how the living brain functions, dispelling long-standing myths and beliefs about brain capability and performance. Notwithstanding, leadership and management practices based on such out-dated beliefs persist. Neuroscience offers new possibilities for leading in the 21st century, with a fresh understanding of what really drives human motivation and behaviour.

Executive Briefing Outline

1. Applied Neuroscience

  • A new era of knowledge
  • The brain’s fundamental principles
  • Managing cognitive load

2. The Leadership Dimension

  • Change Leadership
  • Strategic reasoning and decision making
  • Motivating teams

3. The Organisational Dimension

  • The neuroscience of engagement
  • Fixed and growth mindsets
  • Why culture matters

4. The Talent Dimension

  • The neuroscience of learning
  • The neuroscience of performance
  • Talent retention levers

Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith leads this engaging and interactive briefing session and aims to give participants a clear understanding of how to integrate neuroscience principles and practices into current and new human capital management programs.


2 hour Executive Briefing delivered in-house at your organisation.

Designed for business leaders and senior HR practitioners.

Cost: $2,450.00 + GST for a group of up to 12.

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